About Us

Mission Statement
Through a secure website, Med101Dental.com supplies the dental industry with some of its most highly demanded products at wholesale prices while maintaining the highest standard of quality and service.

How do we do it?
Our prices are lower than our competitors' because of our factory-direct supply chain, which saves time and money. Rather than sell through distributors, the web enables us to wholesale our items directly to YOU! All of our products come from well established firms with good reputations. Our suppliers' manufacturing facilities have been awarded with various quality control certificates, and are all FDA registered to ensure you receive only the best.

Simply put, with the click of a button, you will safely and securely receive great Dental supplies at unbeatable prices delivered quickly with no additional shipping cost*, and no minimum order.

What is Med 101 and who is Geo Trade Ltd?
The Med 101 brand is a trademark owned and operated by Geo Trade Ltd. We are an FDA-registered distributor for medical devices, and we service a wide range of health care professionals in the medical industry. Providing dental supplies in bulk at wholesale prices is what we do best, and we are always pushing to add more products to our catalog.