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DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste


DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste contains balanced ingredients for a smooth, pliable and splatter-free formula that delivers superior polishing and stain removal properties yet is gentle to enamel. Gluten-free to assure against allergic reaction, DEFEND+PLUS prophy paste also contains 1.23% fluoride ion. Available in four great tasting flavors: mint, cherry, vanilla/orange, and bubble gum. Easily rinses clean with water. Unit dose cups, 200 per package.

  • Provides 1.23% active fluoride ion

  • Superior stain removal with minimal enamel loss

  • Gluten-free

  • Splatter-free

Grit/Color Designation
DEFEND+PLUS grit is designated by color, with flavor indicated on the lid of each individual cup.

  • Fine (for light stain removal and amalgam polishing):        Gold

  • Medium (for normal cleaning and polishing):                       Green

  • Coarse (for medium to heavy stain/plaque removal):         Red 

10 packages.

Total is 2,000 unit dose cups.

DEFEND+PLUS Prophy Paste

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