Dental Anesthetic

Dental Anesthetic

Did you know that the average dentist goes through more than 1,500 dental anesthetic injections every year?

But it’s not just injections… Dentists also go through plenty of topical dental anesthetics that simply get swabbed over the affected area.

Here’s the bottom line…

…Whether you’re an expert in filling cavities, treating gum disease, dental surgery, easing toothaches, or even helping patients get used to their new braces and dentures, the right dental anesthetic can make all the difference.  After all, the last thing you want is for your patients to be in pain!

Here at, we can meet all of your anesthesia needs!

But picking the right dental anesthetics doesn’t just come down to making a choice between injections and topical treatments. You also have to pick an anesthetic that is right for you and your patients.

There are plenty of different types of dental anesthetics, and all of them are designed to operate the same way – by making your teeth and gums go numb. However, some brands are much better than others. At, we have quality anesthetics that work quickly and don’t come with any dangerous side effects.

What do you get when you buy dental anesthetics from

  • Anesthetics that come in convenient cartridges, so that you get the perfect amount every time.
  • A variety of the most popular anesthetics – like Lidocaine, Carbocaine, Marcaine, and Septocaine – in a variety of strengths, so that each one of your patients gets the perfect amount.
  • Topical dental anesthetics that are specially-designed to absorb quickly into your tissue, so that you don’t have to sit around and wait for them to take effect.
  • Topical dental anesthetics that come in a variety of flavors, so that your patients can have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

When you shop at, we will provide you with very best dental anesthetics on the market. We only work with top-notch suppliers. Plus, all of our anesthetics are registered with the FDA. You can rest easy knowing that any anesthetic you buy from us is completely safe and totally effective.

Plus, can be your one-stop shop for quality dental anesthetics. In addition to the anesthesia itself, we also have all of the accessories to go with them – like syringes and swabs.

And, we’ll make every anesthetic purchase completely hassle-free. We don’t think that buying dental supplies should be difficult. That’s why we offer wholesale prices, free shipping, and world-class customer service… It’s all what makes the leading dental supply company on the web

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When you’re trying to search for the right dental anesthetic, you can’t cut corners. Your patients are counting on you to use supplies and materials that are both safe and effective. Take advantage of the very best dental anesthetics – at the very best prices – by working with Click Here to create an account and start shopping! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

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