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Ortho-Jet Powder


Self curing acrylic resin for orthodontic appliances.

Powder: Clear.

Available in:

  • 4-oz Bottle Powder (100g)

  • 1-lb Bottle Powder (454g)

  • 5-lb Drum Powder (2.3 kg)

  • 25-lb Drum Powder (11.3 kg)

  • 100-lb Drum Powder (45.4 kg)

Features & Benefits:

  • Extra-fine bead size—Adapts to the model better for an accurate, comfortable fit

  • Cross-linking monomer—Gives the acrylic strength and durability

  • Low flow properties—Allows better control and will not slump—with minimal shrinking

  • Superior clarity—Creates an aesthetically pleasing appliance

  • Additional uses—Resists wear: perfect for occlusal splints and night guards

Ortho-Jet Powder

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