Prophy Paste

Prophy Paste

How many dental prophy paste cups does your practice use in a month? If you’re operating a busy clinic and doing a fair amount of routine cleaning, then you most likely fly through a lot of these types of disposable dental supplies each and every day.

Is it time to save money on preventive products such as prophy paste?

Welcome to, a company which allows you to do that! We offer wholesale prices and free shipping on all orders to dental offices nationwide. Buy the dental supplies you need to run your practice without breaking the bank.

With so many patients needing regular cleaning and preventative care, it’s no wonder doctors are buying up these items in large quantities. Steady polishing with these products helps teeth and gums remain healthy over time.

Prophy Paste Ingredients promote a formula which is smooth and pliable. Also, having a splatter-free consistency minimizes the mess. Our paste allows for superior polishing and stain removal, but is still gentle to the gums and tooth enamel.

It’s always Gluten-free to prevent against allergic reactions in the patients. Also, it contains 1.23% fluoride ion to help keep enamels healthy.

Flavors include:

  • Mint
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla/Orange
  • Bubble Gum.

Grit options include:

  • Fine (for light stain removal and amalgam polishing)
  • Medium (for normal cleaning and polishing)
  • Coarse (for medium to heavy stain/plaque removal)

In order to give your patients the very best results, you need to polish with the best prophy paste money can buy. If your tooth cleaning or polishing products are not quite right, then you could make the tooth’s enamel sore and cause discomfort to your patient.

So, how do you get the very best results?

With the very dental supplies!

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