Saliva Ejectors

Saliva Ejectors

Whether you’re doing a routine cleaning or a far more tedious dental procedure, you need a clear space to work. You simply can’t get it without good saliva ejectors... If you’re looking for the very best saliva ejector on the market, then look no further than!

For your patients, having their mouths open while you work increases the amount of saliva they produce. Having all of that extra saliva can get in your way – and it can make your patients feel downright uncomfortable.

In fact, too much saliva can be a serious problem. It can cause patients to feel like they’re choking or drowning – which can lead to gagging. For some people, the discomfort can even lead to anxiety over a simple trip to the dentist!

And that’s where a quality saliva ejector comes in…

The dental saliva ejectors that we offer are like tiny oral vacuum cleaners. They get rid of excess saliva, blood, and debris – without drying out your patients’ mouths. With one, your patients won’t constantly feel the urge to swallow. They’ll be more comfortable, which, in turn, can make your job a whole lot easier!

When you shop at, you get to take advantage of quality saliva ejectors – at prices that won’t make you gag.

All of our dental saliva ejectors are top-notch. They have smooth, rounded edges and soft tips that won’t aggravate patients’ mouths. They will not clog or pull on tissue.

Each of our saliva ejectors is made out of PVC – so they are safe to use on everyone, including people with latex allergies.

But at, we don’t focus just on the basics… We take care of all the details so that your patients get the best care possible!

  • Some of our saliva ejectors bend, so that they can fit any shape or any mouth. They offer an easy way to tuck a saliva ejector in the corner of a patient’s mouth – where it will be out of everyone’s way!
  • And, if you specifically cater to kids, why not get colored dental saliva ejectors? That way, kids won’t be afraid of these tiny little machines… Instead, they’ll be fascinated as they try to pick out just the right color!

If you’re sick of trying to work through excess saliva and other fluids, check out the variety of ejectors from… We have products that can fit anyone’s needs and anyone’s budget!

Take a look around… Then, take advantage of our wholesale prices and free shipping. We don’t have any minimum orders that you have to meet – or temporary discounts that are going to skyrocket later. Instead, at, we make it easy to get the supplies you need, quickly and affordably.

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