Every dental practice is going to go through bunches of disposable saliva ejectors - it's a fact. Used for virtually every procedure, saliva ejectors keep the mouth free from excess saliva and debris. The disposable tips are used for only one patient before discarding - so buying your saliva ejector supplies online is a smart way to ensure you have adequate stock levels to handle every day's procedures.

There are many different types of saliva ejectors to consider. Some might be flexible, so you can bend them and tuck them in a corner of the patient's mouth and keep it out of the way. Some of the more rigid ones are good for doing a quick sweep. If your practice serves children, you can even look to colored saliva ejectors as a means to make them less intimidating.

Ordering your dental saliva ejectors from us will help your practice in a few obvious ways. First, you will be purchasing products created out of PVC, so they are safer to use. Don't worry about patients with latex allergies - these ejectors will not aggravate their condition. Our materials are safe, tested and durable...perfect for any situation.

Second, all of our saliva ejectors have soft, rounded tips for patient comfort. Making your patients comfortable during procedures will make your own life easier - so a little detail like this is worth more than you might think.

Third, when you order your saliva ejectors from us, we will offer you free shipping on every order. Considering how often during the course of a year you will need to restock these ejectors, free shipping on every order can amount to a pretty significant savings for your practice.

Finally, by ordering from an online dental supply company you can take advantage of the ease and convenience of shopping from anywhere. Our wholesale prices and easy-to-navigate site make online ordering affordable, quick and easy. We do this to help you better manage your practice, for we believe that your time is best spent serving the needs of patients, not buying saliva ejectors!