Crowns, as you know, are used to protect and get more use out of damaged teeth. There are essentially three types of materials used in most crowns: gold, a porcelain/metal combination, and all ceramic (all porcelain). You are no doubt familiar with all three - but did you know that you can now order all of your practice's dental crown materials online? Simple just got easier!

In most dental practices today, the crown material of choice is typically going to be all porcelain. Why? Because this material offers benefits in both how it works and how it looks. All porcelain crowns might even be said to be the perfect blend of form and fashion in modern dentistry. The most common materials used for these crowns will be either zirconia or aluminous materials.

Yet in some instances, an all porcelain crown may not be the best choice. For instance if the crown is going to help strengthen teeth used for chewing, something stronger might be more appropriate, like a metal/porcelain fused crown. These types of crowns can offer additional strength, but still provide a nice level of aesthetics to the work being done.

Finally, a gold crown is an option used in instances where the patient might need even greater amounts of strength and support. Not as common as they were in the past (due to other crown materials emerging and improving), gold crowns are still going to find a place in most modern dental practices - there are some instances where this is clearly going to be the best option for the patient. Is your practice well-stocked, or will you need to ask the patient to wait?

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