Here's a fact: people in dental chairs drool. Here's another: even routine procedures and cleanings have an associated bit of mess to clean-up. Thankfully, disposable dental bibs are a simple way for you to handle both issues, allowing any patient to receive their procedure and not be forced to wear evidence of it out of the office.

Dental bibs and patient towels are items that every practice will use - a LOT. Consider this: every patient you see today will no doubt be wearing a dental bib during their visit. While using dental bibs is a given, where each practice chooses to buy their dental supplies is not.

And that's where we come in...ready to help you save the day!

Our online options for dental bibs will give you plenty to choose from. You can decide on the right colors and patterns to create the mood you want, from something simple to options that provide more character. You want your patients to feel comfortable in your chair, so even the smallest details that help to create the right mood should not be overlooked.

You can also look at the different materials to find the right dental bibs for your needs. You might like the extra-absorbency of a 2-ply paper bib, or maybe a single-ply poly bib offers more of what your patients prefer. We offer inexpensive options for both, so you can even let the patients choose if you wish. All bibs are offered in a range of sizes too, so every patient's specific needs can be met directly.

Along with the simplicity of online ordering comes some significant savings as well. Because we reduce our overhead, our low wholesale prices are cut even lower, with the savings being passed-on to you and your practice. Better still, we offer free shipping on every order, so when it comes to routine supplies you use during every patient visit (like dental bibs) the accumulated savings over a year can become pretty substantial.

No one ever wants to leave the dentist's chair covered in spit and goo. However, if you choose to buy your disposable dental bibs from our wide online selection, thankfully, no one ever has to.