There is a familiar sound that most dental patients have experienced at one time or another inside their skulls: that is the unmistakable sound of a high-speed dental bur doing its work. While this might not be the happiest sound to some people, it does come with the territory of taking proper care of your teeth: carbide or diamond dental burs are used all the time for a range of purposes.

A carbide bur is used for many routine procedures, such as pit and fissure exploration, bridge and crown preparation, and even bone preparations for oral surgeries. You might use one regularly for trimming and finishing work, or to remove old cement. And just as there are a range of procedures that use dental burs, there are burs that offer slightly different grits and textures so you can latch the tool to the task more efficiently.

For crown and bridge preparations, many practitioners might use a diamond-tipped dental bur. Offering superior cutting power and accelerated levels of control, diamond burs allow for greater precision where it counts most.

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Patients may not always be fond of the sound of a dental bur going to work, but they do appreciate the skills of a dentist who uses them well. And because dental burs are used in almost every facet of dentistry from the lab through the operating room, having high-quality tools is a must.

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